We make hats.

We only just began but it is our goal to become the hatter of our generation, and for the ones that come. By reviving, experimenting, and continue to perfect classic hats such as baseball hats, buckets, bowlers and maybe hats we did not have yet heard of. We make hats made with real good fabrics and using production techniques from back in the days. No shortcuts. No BS. We bring back the art of a great hat that has it all: quality, feel and comfort. With a perfected fit. A hat that you want to wear all day, and every day. All seasons, all terrain, inside, outside, no matter what. A hat that is truly for your head only.

Amsterdam, July 2019

Durable, breathable, lightweight and super comfortable.

The ultimate all day everyday hat.


From single yarn to a finished fit, we select premium Portuguese materials and, perhaps most importantly, we choose who we partner up with. We want to do well by doing good. To work with craftsmen and craftswomen who do the same. We only produce in small quantities to make sure this quality standard will always be met.

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Hidden details.

Each Franky's hat hides a different story. Wear yours.

Made in Porto.

Franky’s hats are made in a chapelaria, a small hatshop, in the center of Porto. Hidden in the basement you can find the atelier that has been in business of making hats since 1897.