Hats First.

We are Franky's and
we make hats.

We are still building our online platform. The shop might already work.
Please come back soon to learn more about us when we are ready.

Life Long.

Great comfort and durability matters. Franky's hats are made to age well over time.

Fresh Fit.

Each hat is cut & sewn by hand to ensure great fit. Purposely made in small numbers.

Always Ahead.

Make it happen. Trust in surprise.

Candid Comfort.

Always. Franky's should bring you comfort.


Porto - São João da Madeira - Guimarães - Braga - Manteigas - Castanheira De Pêra - Algarve

Finest Fabrics.

We believe fabrics make the hat. We source the finest quality of wools in Portugal: The origin of the European wool industry.

How it's made

Leave it behind.
But better.

Grow responsible. We care about what fabrics we use and how they are made:
in harmony with our planet, animals ánd people.