100% fine Merino wool crown & visor

Made in Portugal

Franky’s hats are made from the finest category of Merino wools. Of all wools, Merino wool has the fitting feature to breathe and manage moisture better than any other fabric; making it smell free, always fresh and super comfortable.

Our Merino wool is produced by one the oldest and leading mills in Portugal.

Traditional wool logo appliqué

Made in Portugal

In the high peaks of the Serra da Estrela you can find the origin of the Portuguese wool industry. For centuries shepherds have been providing raw wool to protect villagers against the mountain weather.

This traditional wool is still made today following the same old principles. Analogue machinery perfected by generations of knowledge ensures the production of unique, high quality wool fabrics.

Full grain leather strap closing

Made in Portugal

Full grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather in its natural form. Over time it will gain different shades of colour, getting darker with time. A beautiful imperfection that will last a lifetime.

Each leather strap is embossed with the Franky’s logo.

Soft cotton satin lining

Made in Portugal

Our signature prints on the inside of the hat are made from high quality eco cotton, woven in a four-yarn satin pattern to give it a soft feel and that extra shimmer.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.